Feel Like You’re There!

With BXcited’s immersive technology, your loved ones will feel as though they are right there with you! Whatever the occasion, we have you covered!

That Special Day

A Wedding Day Livestream is the perfect way to capture your big day! Our professional quality equipment will broadcast your wedding in stunning HD, with immersive sound for a totally unique experience. Plus, our multiple angle system will let you see all the action from every angle! Make the people that couldn’t make it feel like they are truly there!

In Times of Healing

Have to miss your loved one’s funeral? No problem! You can now watch it online, from the comfort of your own home. With our service, you’ll feel like you’re right there in attendance. And if you can’t travel for some reason, or just need some time alone, this is the perfect solution. So why miss out on saying goodbye?

This Isn’t The Time For Amateur Hour

You have to be spot on to capture such an important moment live. There are no second takes or do overs. There are a lot of people that claim to be able to deliver a polished product, very few can actually come through for you.

What People Say


My grandmother could not travel due to Covid fears. BXcited came through in a big way. She was able to see me get married to the man I love before she passed. Thank you guys so much!

-Cassie M.


We aren’t only a livestreaming company. We offer some amazing services to make sure your day is as memorable as possible!

2nd Honeymoon Gift

Want a hotel stay on us? When you book your wedding with us, we will gift you one of our many complimentary vacation stays! Ask for details!

Projection Mapping

Take a plain sign, cake, or decoration and bring it to life with our AMAZING Projection Digitizer! This is SURE to blow your guests away!


Grab some of our amazing keepsakes! These custom laser engraved gifts are sure to be a hit. Whether for your, a few, or the whole crew, we got you covered!

Exclusive Offer

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