I Survived 2020


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  • 100% preshrunk cotton ensures that your t shirts will stay true to size after washing.
  • Comfortably woven cotton allows for you to feel the toughness of the shirt without compromising pliability, comfort, movement, longevity, or flexibility.
  • Available in with black, white, silver sparkle, or gold sparkle letters!
  • We did it! We made it through 2020! Get your commemorative shirt to prove you are a BOSS! We made it through Kobe’s tragic passing, Tiger King madness, the loss of the Black Panther, and most of all Covid-19! Help support our small business! We also do custom t shirts as well. Not these cheap made in a basement with a $90 printer and a $12 iron shirts you usually see in the marketplace. Let me know what you need and I’ll make it happen!

    **BONUS** anyone that orders 2 or more will receive a complimentary hotel stay in the destination you choose (we don’t cover taxes & fees, but you don’t have to sit through any sales presentations either!)


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