We believe that everyone should not only be grateful for what they have, but also be willing to share with others when possible. That is why we are passing on this WONDERFUL opportunity for people to vacation in luxury without paying a fortune for their accommodations. The only thing that we ask from you is that you share this with your friends and loved ones so they can take advantage of this amazing opportunity as well!

Complimentary Vacations Given

You Are 45 Seconds Away From A Complimentary Luxury Vacation Stay! We will start your chat in just a moment!


This is possible due to our partnerships in the travel industry. An empty room makes no revenue for a hotel. With that little known concept we’ve leveraged that and are able to give the rooms away (excluding taxes and fees). The reason the hotels are willing to give that away is because they now have an opportunity for room service, restaurants, and other amenities that you might take advantage of. These are not sales presentations.


For more info please see our Terms & Conditions page

The hotels are determined by availability at the time of your scheduled trip.  All of the hotels used have an average user review of 4 stars and up with Trip Advisor

We never ask you for any private or financial information.  We need basic contact information to send you the travel voucher and that’s it.


As far as why we do this. We do this to build our exposure. We hope that you will share our page and encourage friends to follow us as well. We never sell your information we just use it to reserve the vacation stays.

For additional questions please email us at info@bxcited.com

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